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Trans Sped is the most experienced provider of trusted solutions based on qualified digital certificates, with more than 15 years experience.

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documents in over 20 industries
including Banking, Pharma and Public Institutions

SAFE-BioPharma members already use digital certificates issued by Trans Sped

Over 15 years of experience


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in multiple industries


Qualified Digital Certificates in the Banking sector


Qualified Digital Certificates in Pharma and Biotechnology


Qualified Digital Certificates in Public Institutions


Qualified Digital Certificates for Doctors and Pharmacists


Qualified Digital Certificates for Services


Qualified Digital Certificates for Manufacturing


Qualified Digital Certificates for Other Industries


Qualified Digital Certificates for Accountants

Trusted Service Provider

The Trans Sped Certificates are included in the EU Trusted List, validating the signatures as qualified.

Recent changes to the SAFE-BioPharma PKI framework have made it the first and only service that enables digital signature validation in both the US and the EU at government-recognized levels of trust, as our Root CAs are published in SAFE-BioPharma Trusted List.

Integrated with Adobe Sign and MSB.

No extra drivers required.


Why choose a digital signature?

Legal enforceability

Has the same legal effect as the handwritten signature.

Regulatory compliance

Fully compliant with eIDAS Regulation, European Medicines Agency, DEA and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements.

Strong security

Two-factor authentication mechanisms based on certificates have the high level assurance.

Global acceptance

Digital signatures based on this certificate are accepted in the USA and EU with the same legal effect as wet signatures.

For developers

This section is dedicated to developers that are interested in integration of APIs for cloud signatures.

Trans Sped cloud certificates can be built into a variety of applications to support: sending documents for e-signature, creating and managing agreements, archiving signed documents, downloading audit trails and a lot more!

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