Easy Stream

EasyStream is the Trans Sped Document Management System, especially created to automate signature flows for organizations.

We have a large number of licenses that are created to fit a multitude of use cases. Contact us so we can create a custom solution tailored to your needs.

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Easy Sign

The EasyStream solution developed by Trans Sped is a collection of Document Management Modules that, together, form an extremely flexible document management system for use in internal document flows but also for interacting with clients.

Core signing module
The core of the application can sign documents using a qualified or advanced digital certificate without the need to download the documents or the certificate on the machine.

Core document management
The core document management utility can send documents via a simple interface to multiple or a single participant to help them sign, in order, a single document or multiple documents.

Relational interface
The relational interface refers to custom made React JS modules that exist as an interface to help clients realise simple flows to speed up onboarding, document upload or approval and other document flows.

The ID OCR module
Save your and your clients time by automatically transcribing information from their ID card so that they do not need to type it in manually.

Face recognition
To check whether the document uploaded by the OCR module is being handled by its owner, the face recognition module can score a selfie and the photo from the id and help create a digital gateway for the document flow.

Certificate enrolment
If the client does not have a Trans Sped certificate but needs one to sign documents, we can include a module that generates the certificate for them, easily and inside the app.

Video identification
To identify the person your client no longer needs to be physically present at an authorised location. Now he can simply use the visual identification module.

PDF Templates Handler
If you have a fillable PDF, we can handle the data input without the need to download the document or use other software.

API Integration
We can integrate EasyStream with any API that works using a REST endpoint, either to send or to receive data through secure channels.